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The Smiths

Jean Unsworth, former secretary of the Salford Lads Club passes away at 89

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"Why Morrissey’s downfall echoes the messy demise of The Smiths" by Ed Power - The Independent

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Why Morrissey’s downfall echoes the messy demise of The Smiths - The Independent
As pariah status beckons for Morrissey, Ed Power looks back on the downfall of one of the most important bands of the Eighties

As Morrissey prepares to release his 13th solo album, I Am Not A Dog On A Chain, it feels instructive to reflect on the demise of The Smiths. The group has, after all, cast a shadow over everything he has done in the past 33 years.

The obvious reason for looking back is that for the Morrissey of today, there is a sense of looming finality. Pariah status beckons for the former generational icon. His 2019 endorsement of the far right New Britain party, and his claim – the latest in a series of outrageous outbursts – that...

NME at it again - "All the band reunions we don’t want to see happen"

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it seems NME is at it again.

The Smiths

An obvious one, yes, but for good reason. The Smiths’ break-up was particularly messy – they had already parted ways before the release of their fourth album, 1987’s ‘Strangeways, Here We Come’, amid a toxic atmosphere that included Morrissey running out of the studio as soon as he was done recording and Johnny Marr saying he “didn’t form a group to perform Cilla Black songs”. But the aftermath was even messier: a bitter royalties dispute, decades of barbed words exchanged as well as the band members’ increasingly divergent political views (Marr recently responded to reunion rumours by wryly suggesting they get...

StrangewaysNYC: 'Hidden by Rags' The Smiths Vintage T-Shirt Exhibition - Tokyo, Feb. - 1 Mar., 2020

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StrangewaysNYC Announces 'Hidden by Rags' The Smiths Vintage T-Shirt Exhibition


My favorite album: Jimmi Simpson on The Smiths' "The Queen Is Dead" - Under The Radar

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My Favorite Album: Jimmi Simpson on The Smiths’ “The Queen Is Dead” - Under The Radar
"Music kind of runs my life. I'm never not soundtracking my own experience."


For an actor who relies on music as much as Jimmi Simpson—he carefully crafts playlists while prepping characters for Westworld (for which he was nominated for an Emmy), House of Cards, Black Mirror, the recent critical darling Perpetual Grace, LTD, and more—picking a favorite album can be a very tricky proposition.


All these years later, Simpson still looks back fondly on how that magnetic, boldly vulnerable frontman spoke to him. "Most of us find Morrissey when we're teenagers," he says. "And he makes us feel like dreamers, like: 'We're going to meet and write poetry in the cemetery, because we're gothy, and we don't fit in anywhere else.' And to have someone sing about that, in...

Mr Demos audio analysis

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It's more than the "Matter of Opinion" at the end of the latest video that gives their game away.

At the end of the first chorus, I hear "Johnny" mess up getting back to the verse riff. In each chorus to verse, the same mistake is made.

Looking at the spectral selection we see below two chorus' images. The top is the first one, bottom is another later on. The left arrow indicates where the final riff of the chorus ends and the right set of arrows show where "Johnny" makes the mistake.

As you can see, even amidst added distortion and reverb (trails off at end of recording), we can see sections of guitar have been cut and pasted to form the structure of the song.

We also see a very obvious cut (just after 3:06) where the verse riff becomes a version that rings out at the end as "Johnny" descends into playing "reel around the fountain" and a taster of "matter of opinion".

As a matter of fact, one...

Mr. Demos YT: "What Difference Does It Make?“ (January 17, 2020)

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Offered here for opinions:

I'm assuming, unless more information is forthcoming, that it is from the same 'batch' as before.

Related item:

The Smiths the story of the Soldier on "Meat is Murder"

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