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Jean Unsworth, former secretary of the Salford Lads Club passes away at 89

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Katy Perry enjoys pickles and The Smiths

Watch Supergrass cover The Smiths' 'Please Please Please…' with Johnny Marr - NME

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Shoplifterromo sends the link:

Billy Bragg: There's no way back for Morrissey

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An agency story has appeared on a couple of websites reporting Billy Bragg's apparent further comments on Morrissey's "endorsement of right-wing politics."

Billy Bragg wishes "there was a way back" for Morrissey after his endorsement of far-right politics
Billy Bragg wishes "there was a way back" for Morrissey.

The 62-year-old musician has publicly criticised the 60-year-old singer for his endorsement of far-right politics and he believes the former Smiths frontman has "burned too many bridges" for redemption.
Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Billy said: "I wish there was a way back for him. As a Smith's fan and as an anti-racist activist, I wish.
"I worry that he may have burned too many bridges, though."
Billy responded to Morrissey's comments in...

Paul Heaton slags off Morrissey and praises Marr in new song

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I've not heard the song but the lyrics are highlighted in the Mojo review of Heaton's new album, 'Manchester Calling'.
Marr is praised for being 'cool'. Profound stuff!
John M

The review being cited via FWD.

My favorite album: Jimmi Simpson on The Smiths' "The Queen Is Dead" - Under The Radar

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My Favorite Album: Jimmi Simpson on The Smiths’ “The Queen Is Dead” - Under The Radar
"Music kind of runs my life. I'm never not soundtracking my own experience."


For an actor who relies on music as much as Jimmi Simpson—he carefully crafts playlists while prepping characters for Westworld (for which he was nominated for an Emmy), House of Cards, Black Mirror, the recent critical darling Perpetual Grace, LTD, and more—picking a favorite album can be a very tricky proposition.


All these years later, Simpson still looks back fondly on how that magnetic, boldly vulnerable frontman spoke to him. "Most of us find Morrissey when we're teenagers," he says. "And he makes us feel like dreamers, like: 'We're going to meet and write poetry in the cemetery, because we're gothy, and we don't fit in anywhere else.' And to have someone sing about that, in...

Janice Long: Pet Shop Boys interview mentioning Morrissey (January 27, 2020)

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The Moz mention starts at about 13:55

The Smiths the story of the Soldier on "Meat is Murder"

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