More Smiths from Alain - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

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He comments: "The Queen Is Dead was by far the best album of the 80's. 31 years ago but this song was not on it. Got 2 amps rigged up I wish I had this set up in Moz when I played in the band. Nothing I can't tackle now. When I finally come out and play solo I'll be back with a vengeance. Got a lot of material in the works. Maybe Stadium covers this one."

Original FB link, for those that can see it:


Morrissey in Rome with the band recording new album?

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One of the labels says Morrissey! :D

Alain plays "How Soon Is Now?" all on his own

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This is top-notch. and no mistake.

*EDIT* When I try to link it, it says it won't embed. Just click on the 'Watch on Facebook' link herein.

...I know some folk can't see this, and so, with Alain's permission, here is the Youtube video...

Airplane photos by @AnnaDelAire / Twitter - Morrissey and Gustavo

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Con Gustavo Manzur, tecladista de Morrissey, muy muy amable, agradable y sencillo!!

Con el mismísimo #Morrissey Muy agradable y sencillo.Con el mismísimo #Morrissey Muy agradable y sencillo.

Boz interview -

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Boz Boorer: Triple Agent - Premier Guitar


Premier Guitar gained an audience with the perpetually busy and disarmingly affable guitarist as he prepared dinner at his London home prior to absconding to Portugal for a recording session. Boorer opened up about his excellent solo work, his background as a player, working with the legendary Morrissey, and how he stays so hungry after many years in the game.

Morrissey, Jesse and Boz two years ago in Brazil (via Jesse's IG)

Peter Chichon - Morrissey session drummer 1995-99 (?)

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Hi all,

Found a recent podcast which interviews a musician by the name of Peter Chichon who claims to have been a session drummer for Morrissey "somewhere during the period of 1995-99". This is news to me and wanted to find out the validity of this claim. Could anyone confirm or deny this?

Links below...

Thanks :)

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