posted by davidt on Thursday November 27 2003, @12:00AM
An anonymous person writes:

Apparently Morrissey was approached to appear, if that's the right word, in the recently aired episode where the Simpson family come to England! You know the one with Tony Blair? In an interview in the Independent newspaper one of the writers said they tried to persuade Morrissey or David Bowie to be in it. Both obviously declined but Bowie may appear in a future episode. Morrissey presumably won't!
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  • Who cares..he is GAY!
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 27 2003, @12:38AM (#80574)
  • would love to see a duet with Lisa
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Thursday November 27 2003, @12:45AM (#80575)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • i half-watched that episode and it did appear to be basically a parade of celebrity cameos.

    does anyone know why this show is still on the air?

    no, i mean legitimate reasons other than money and an empty spot on the network lineup. this show hasn't been that funny in over 5 years! yet, it persists like a pustule.

    ok, compare this one to their trip to the episode where they went to Australia. that wasn't their greatest episode, yet give me that one any day of the week.
    suzanne -- Thursday November 27 2003, @12:48AM (#80578)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • I'd like to think that Moz took exception to appearing in cartoon form with one half of a mass murderer duo.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 27 2003, @06:54AM (#80603)
  • ridicule (Score:2, Interesting)

    as far as i can tell Moz hates being ridiculed. (doesn't he really hate criticism?)

    The Simpsons specializes in ridicule.. (albeit lightly done)

    So it's completely unsurprising that he didn't want to feature in it.

    Bowie, on the other hand, loves having the piss taken out of him.

    On another note i think some of the cameos in The Simpsons have been very good.

    My favourite was John Waters.
    carnal artist -- Thursday November 27 2003, @08:05AM (#80610)
    (User #7076 Info)
    • Re:ridicule by Mother-Me Eyes (Score:1) Sunday November 30 2003, @07:06PM
  • Well if true that's disappointing. Truly truuuuly. I would have watched an episode of the Simpsons for once.
    Whoaba <[email protected]> -- Thursday November 27 2003, @11:58AM (#80624)
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    "Man is not born wicked: he becomes so, as he becomes sick." -Voltaire
  • I highly doubt this to be a true story. Seriously, out of the 15million Americans who watch the show, how many do you think would even know who Morrissey is? His last disc only sold 90 000 copies in America, which should give you an idea of just how unknown he truly is in that giant culural wasteland.

    Simply because he's everything here, and has inspired some famous bands, doesn't mean that he's large enough to appear in the Simpsons. The Simpsons are a household name, as are most of their guest stars. Morrissey is not.

    Anyway, even if this is a true piece of information, I don't think he'd want to be animated dancing and singing behind the likes of Tony Blair, and I thank god for that.
    haze <[email protected]> -- Thursday November 27 2003, @12:10PM (#80625)
    (User #1115 Info)
  • So that pop culture can move on in the world. I don't have anything against the show in general, but Enough already.

    I've only seen it once or twice since it first aired, so shoot me.
    king leer -- Friday November 28 2003, @01:06AM (#80669)
    (User #80 Info)
  • I was watching that episode and actually thinking about how funny it would be if they had the Simpsons run into Morrissey when they were in the UK. Ha.
    fightingdog82 -- Friday November 28 2003, @01:51AM (#80672)
    (User #9465 Info |
  • iAye Caramba! (Score:1, Interesting)

    Thank you Mr. Morrissey for not appearing on The Simpsons.
    The Simpsons desperately attepts to be funny ...and fails miserably. The show has become its own joke as they are now mocking themselves, which, exposes it's weakness.

    If it weren't for the hundreds of animators who would be out of a job, The Simpsons should've ended before the 13th season.

    Worse, as Duarte's #2 Simpsons fan (#1 is one John Navarro) since the first bleeding episode, it pains me to say all this, but it doesn't pain me as much as watching a bloody episode.

    Kudos Mr. Morrissey.
    Kudos for not turning away that dump-truck full of money/quid parked in front of your house...
    Davy_Havok -- Friday November 28 2003, @01:53AM (#80673)
    (User #3893 Info |
  • Alain and Boz are going to have a part on King Of the Hill.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 28 2003, @02:09AM (#80674)
  • Moz is going to be the new Shaggy in Scooby Doo.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 28 2003, @06:59AM (#80689)
  • In the Mystery Machine. Bowie the likely second choice.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 28 2003, @08:50AM (#80700)
  • Matt Goering has always been a Moz fan.. so i think that was the reason he invited him. I also think the shows sucks right now.. but i think mozzer would have a nice gag talking with lisa about being a veggie.. And with bart talking about always being rejected.. hehehe
    Anonymous -- Friday November 28 2003, @11:21AM (#80712)
  • I seem to remember Moz turned down a part in Friends as well, as it would have involved him playing Miserable Moz once again. So I guess a similar reason applies to The Simpsons. But the point about how many people in the US actually know who he is is valid.
    Georgethetwentythird -- Sunday November 30 2003, @03:49PM (#80808)
    (User #8698 Info)
    Judge not, lest ye be judged...
  • What?!?!? Can anyone be that dumb?

    ("embarrassed silence")

    Oh well. Good thing that the creators of Jimmy Neutron didn't ask for his permission then.
    lady Fairfax -- Monday December 01 2003, @11:22AM (#80876)
    (User #9009 Info)
    Voyage to the Bottom of Morrissey
  • They could have a Morrissey vs. Robert Smith boxing match with Joyce as the ref. Do an omage to Rocky by having Robert Smith tripp'n and seeing double Morrissey's and Stan saying "hit the one in middle". Yeah you could do a lot that on southpark.
    MasterOfWho -- Thursday November 27 2003, @09:29AM (#80615)
    (User #7664 Info)
    Is there room in your heart for a Tennant who carries a Rose?
    • Hahahahaha by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 27 2003, @11:50AM
  • Lol at this boards moderating in this thread.
    Does a Simpsons writer mod here?
    Anonymous -- Friday November 28 2003, @11:37AM (#80714)
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