posted by davidt on Thursday November 27 2003, @12:00AM
Greg Vondruska writes:

My new Morrissey piece, called "My Favorite British Singer", was painted with exuberant brush strokes of cartoon expressionism and can be seen here-
"My Favorite British Singer" (2003) by Greg Vondruska

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  • Not again.
    fut -- Thursday November 27 2003, @12:11AM (#80572)
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  • and I claim my £10.
    Brighton Rich -- Thursday November 27 2003, @01:08AM (#80580)
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  • You know you want to laugh, so laugh
    But sometimes second-best is all you're gonna get. Oh yeah.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 27 2003, @01:27AM (#80584)
  • bad art makes baby jesus cry.
    eugenius -- Thursday November 27 2003, @03:10AM (#80590)
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    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
  • for a retarded child
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 27 2003, @03:38AM (#80593)
  • Nuff said.
    bobmozza -- Thursday November 27 2003, @04:13AM (#80595)
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  • Should be retitled

    "Morrissey trapped in giant bowl of marmalade"
    JASX -- Thursday November 27 2003, @05:14AM (#80601)
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  • Just tell me you do refund if your delivery is late.

    And please, take the human ham off, we don't eat that kind of meat.
    Retired Whore <[email protected]> -- Thursday November 27 2003, @05:49AM (#80602)
    (User #3238 Info)
    Sweet F.A.
  • ....terrible...
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 27 2003, @09:05PM (#80663)
  • What in the world is that? And what is between his legs? Oh no!
    blister92 -- Friday November 28 2003, @08:58AM (#80702)
    (User #380 Info)
    "Evil People Prosper Over the Likes of You and Me Always"
  • Well, Morrissey did once say that his genitals must have been a practical joke.

    The worrying thing is neither its presence, nor its shape. What really worries me about the thing between his legs is that it is green.

    Anonymous -- Friday November 28 2003, @07:19PM (#80733)
  • Is it a twiglet dropped into a jar of jam?

    The Sharon E Smith drawing school would appear to be flourishing!
    Sonny Jim -- Saturday November 29 2003, @03:42AM (#80744)
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  • Why would you do that?
    chy187 -- Saturday November 29 2003, @03:55AM (#80745)
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  • This newly discovered cave art finally proves that Morrissey was once a formidable hunter who loaned his spear chucking services to a tribe of Australian aborigines several hundred years ago.
    The artist's omission of the spear itself represents Morrissey's tender and loving side - traits well known throughout the land.
    BBC Scum -- Saturday November 29 2003, @08:23AM (#80752)
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  • I like it (Score:2, Funny)

    Moz looks so cute and little... I want to fold him up and stick him in my pocket!

    And seriously guys... didn't anyone tell you that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all... Or at least give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism... not "oh god, that sucks" or "man this is lame"... Imagine if you made that and wanted some feedback
    ProtestSinger -- Saturday November 29 2003, @12:05PM (#80762)
    (User #7285 Info)
    .*.* I can smile about it now but at the time it was terrible *.*.
  • you can't really paint, can you?
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 29 2003, @06:16PM (#80778)
  • Constructive criticism is all nice and well.

    However, when anybody represents Morrissey as a twiglet with a gherkin as penis, constructive criticism becomes kind of hard to do.

    Sure, my drawings wouldn't look any better. That's why I don't do any.


    P.S.: Some constructive criticism can however be made: Drop the gherkin, use a Frankfurter next time.
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 30 2003, @07:30AM (#80794)
  • I haven't laughed out loud in a long while, but your comments managed to do the trick. So thank you! Sometimes it's not that easy to laugh ...
    Georgethetwentythird -- Sunday November 30 2003, @03:55PM (#80809)
    (User #8698 Info)
    Judge not, lest ye be judged...
  • You people are much too critical and obviously have no taste for true art! This is an outstanding piece and is certainly worthy of praise. Morrissey doesn't release a new song for 7 years and you still stand behind him-Meanwhile someone salutes him with an artistic impression and they get trashed!
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 30 2003, @07:29PM (#80828)
    • Re:Wow!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday December 01 2003, @05:56AM

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