posted by davidt on Friday November 07 2003, @10:00AM
warderblu writes:

Not a big deal but in New York in between sets at the Good Charlotte show they played "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now." I doubt most of the audience even knew it (mostly 14 year olds) - But I sang it out loud wearing my Smiths shirt!!!!!!
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  • See good people, I've been saying that The Smiths & Morrissey have...been discovered by the generation after mine. (I am nearly 30). I have had numerous conversations with young people who love The Smiths & Moz, and have all their albums. This fact/phenomena is not limited to Los Angeles, either, nor is it limited to Latinos. A good friend of mine is 21, and has every Moz & Smiths album. The other day at the record shop an 18 year old was buying "The Complete Picture." I live in a college town and the people who work at the record shop tell me that Smiths/Moz CD's move off the rack very quickly, and they are restocking weekly. Furthermore, many of these young bands consistently cite The Smiths as an influence. Moreover, Morrissey memorabilia isn't exactly cheap, as I have paid some princely sums for rare posters. Taking into account all of this & more, what I am saying is that, not only is their legacy in the history of pop music guaranteed, but that they will be appreciated for generations to come.
    Belligerent Ghoul -- Friday November 07 2003, @10:41AM (#78929)
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    There is a light that never goes out...
  • Little things like this are what make life so exciting!
    Anonymous -- Friday November 07 2003, @05:56PM (#79011)
  • Yea, they played Oscillate Wildly before Coldplay came on in Melbourne in July this year. One of the highlights of the night, I must embarrassingly admit :s
    elmatters -- Saturday November 08 2003, @04:27AM (#79036)
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  • What on earth were you doing at a Good Charlotte show?
    BBC Scum -- Saturday November 08 2003, @11:45AM (#79067)
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  • The thing about the Smiths is that they never were "flavor of the month." They put out excellent, well-crafted pop music that didn't pander to trends or political correctness. I think the Smiths will always will always be there, peripherally, around the pop world.
    BobC -- Monday November 10 2003, @10:45AM (#79178)
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  • I have a friend who listens to underground Hip-Hop, but when I played him The Smiths he immediately said that the lyrics were fantastic. And you can't have a starker contrast than Moz and Aggro Berlin.

    Until every young person in the world becomes self-confident, attractive, eloquent and 16 but not clumsy and shy, The Smiths are indeed timeless.

    Especially because we do think of them kindly when we're dancing and laughing, and finally living.


    P.S.: Let's face it, if they didn't play Smiths nobody would go to see them!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 10 2003, @03:18PM (#79201)

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