posted by davidt on Friday November 07 2003, @10:00AM
Jayson Wilde writes:

Last night in Davis, CA psychobilly band Tiger Army did a Morrissey cover. They covered "The Loop". The sound for the venue wasn't very good but you could tell what song it was after the first bar. They played it very well and it seemed like I was the only person going off. Nick 13 has a great voice and he definitely complimented Morrissey's style.
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  • I saw them play onetime and their stand-up bass player is amazing, swinging it all around. I wanted to buy some Tiger Army underwear, but it cost too much.
    xLoveletterx -- Friday November 07 2003, @05:50PM (#79008)
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  • Just wanted to say TigerArmy played The Loop in DC Nov 14 as well and it was AWESOME. I also read an interview with Nick 13 some time ago where he stated if he could play on stage with anyone dead or alive it would definitly be Morrissey. I wholeheartedly agree.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 19 2003, @11:26AM (#82416)

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