posted by davidt on Tuesday November 04 2003, @10:00AM
Liz writes:

I am a student currently researching for my final year dissertation, which is on Morrissey fans. I need fans who would be willing to partake in an interview about their views on Morrissey, his music, etc. The interview would be via email, so where you live doesn't matter.

If anybody is interested in helping me out and airing their views on Morrissey, please email me on: [email protected] as soon as possible for more information. Thank you!
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  • What the hell kind of school (or professor) would accept a dissertation on a pop star's fans? If you were in my class, I'd send you back to the drawing board.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 04 2003, @12:09PM (#78573)
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  • I did something very sdimilar about 6 years ago, not for a dissertation but a college project on Morrissey fans! I put up ads on teletext in the UK and uin magazines asking for people to give me their experiences (this was before the net became part of my life).
    I also told people I'd send them copies of the completed project, but I had so many replies I wasn't able to do this...this, and the fact I'm quite lazy. I still feel bad about it as their input was really helpful.
    Anyway, hopefully you'll get a similar response. I'd do the interview myself, but like I said, I'm just too damn lazy.
    gonzo -- Wednesday November 05 2003, @04:02AM (#78649)
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    Scene, but not herd
  • I'm making a 40 pages university work called "Morrissey : world of a lyricist". Harder than it seems cos I've got a lot of ideas, but I still didn't choose how I'm gonna write them.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 06 2003, @11:13AM (#78825)
  • is only me who has to write 40 pages on Thomas Hardy???I want the name of your schools
    buck-toothed girl -- Friday November 07 2003, @03:41AM (#78909)
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    and all my hope is gone
    • Re:but.. by shrinktofit (Score:1) Thursday December 18 2003, @01:21AM

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