posted by davidt on Tuesday November 04 2003, @10:00AM
Mel writes:

I have just built based on a lecture I gave last year. It's called "Morrissey Does Bona Drag":

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  • What kind of college do you go to?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 04 2003, @10:27AM (#78559)
  • i've read nothing about morrissey that has been this enlightening in a very long time. your work is thoughtful and intricately details a very keen insight into morrissey's conscious.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 04 2003, @01:59PM (#78589)
  • A lecture on 'Camp'. Where were you when I was in school?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 04 2003, @11:27PM (#78633)
  • Where did that come from? Have I not been paying attention?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 05 2003, @05:09AM (#78655)
  • I'm very impressed with this writing...
    Mandy101 -- Wednesday November 05 2003, @10:11AM (#78685)
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