posted by davidt on Tuesday November 04 2003, @10:00AM
Jay writes:

Boz Boorer will be touring in December and January of this year. Boz will be playing on December 28th and 29th in New York and New Orleans on December 30th at Club 735 on Boubon St as well as on January 2nd. Coulter and Rocket350 will be opening on the 30th. This should be a great time since New Orleans is a great place to spend the New Year.

More info to come soon at
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  • I am lookink forward to these shows about as much as I look forward to going to the dentist.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 04 2003, @10:09AM (#78554)
  • i can vouch (Score:0, Troll)

    i too have heard new orleans is a good place to spend the new years. some friends of mine went for new year's 2000 and claimed there were long lines for the toilets because others were having sex in the stalls....
    suzanne -- Tuesday November 04 2003, @10:45AM (#78563)
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    I scare dead people.
  • Morrissey's music has progressively deteriorated since the Smiths. Boz and his boorish band are about as musically interesting as the Hansons.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 04 2003, @02:28PM (#78592)
  • recording of the new album will be completed by new years? Seems odd that Boz would travel to the US then back to the UK to finish the album. If they started recording in early October then they should be finished by end of December. Especially if they did indeed have fully written songs really to lay down. So February seems about right for the album to hit us...and let's hope it knocks our socks off!
    suededisco -- Tuesday November 04 2003, @04:53PM (#78608)
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  • Any word on a UK tour???
    equatorial guinea -- Thursday November 06 2003, @09:39AM (#78807)
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    Eric was a contender

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